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Upstate Forever #14c

Project #: 508256  –   Updated: November 01, 2016

Easement Summary

NCED Site 989256 (Upstate Forever #14c)

Location (by county):
Polk County (NC)

Upper Broad

Congressional Districts:
NC District 10

House Districts:
NC House District 113

Bird Conservation Regions:

USFWS Regions:
Southeast Region

Public Access

Site Name Publicly Accessible
Upstate Forever #14c No

Full Project Description

NCED Site 989256 (Upstate Forever #14c)

National Conservation Easement Database

This easement is part of the National Conservation Easement Database. For more detailed information you can view this easement on the NCED portal.

Wildlife Action Plan Goals and Strategies

  • 2.1. Promote and support habitat protection efforts (land acquisition, easements, buffers)


Project Actions
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Easement Holder

Upstate Forever

Primary Contact

NCED Manager
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